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ItemClassSubclassInv TypeLevelILevel
Bulging Sack of Coins Miscellaneous Junk Item - 1
Venomlord's Totemic Wand Weapon Wand Ranged (1-hand) 90 541
Sandals of Arcane Fury Armor Cloth Feet 90 522
Valiant Ring of Might Armor Miscellaneous Finger 80 232
Silentleaf Vest Armor Leather Chest (vest) - 414
Impenetrable Gauntlets Armor Mail Hands 52 57
Deep Earth Headpiece Armor Leather Head 85 397
Militia Buckler Armor Shield Shield - 10
Mistyreed Belt Armor Cloth Waist 64 102
Thunder Wall Greaves Armor Plate Legs 85 359
Benign Crusader's Plate Armor Plate Legs - 138
Jessera's Fungus Lined Tunic Armor Cloth Chest (vest) - 16
Obsidian Arborweave Tunic Armor Leather Chest (vest) 85 391
Volatile Blasting Trigger Trade Goods Parts Item - 72
Reins of the Ice Mammoth Miscellaneous Mount Item 40 40
Trueshot Bow Weapon Bow Ranged (2-hand) 36 41
Primal Combatant's Medallion of Meditation Armor Miscellaneous Trinket 100 620
Dustfall Bracers Armor Cloth Wrist - 28
Grips of the Leviathan Armor Mail Hands 90 509
Bilgewater Mantle Armor Cloth Back 35 40
Young Twilight Drake Skull Consumable Consumable Item - 1
Dust Bowl Armor Shield Shield 13 18
Gloves of the Thousandfold Hells Armor Cloth Hands 90 502
Pillager's Gloves Armor Mail Hands 29 34
Troubles From Without Consumable Consumable Item - 1
Vicious Gladiator's Badge of Victory Armor Miscellaneous Trinket 85 352
Initiate's Rope Belt Armor Cloth Waist - 2
Stoutheart Talisman Miscellaneous Junk Item - 410
Hood of Smoldering Flesh Armor Leather Head 90 535
Barum's Notes Quest Quest Item - 1


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