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ItemClassSubclassInv TypeLevelILevel
Ward of the Violet Citadel Armor Miscellaneous Held in Off-Hand 80 200
Protective Barricade of the Light Armor Shield Shield 80 200
Rolfsen's Ripper Weapon Dagger Off-Hand 80 200
Grasscutter Weapon Sword Off-Hand 80 200
Idol of Lush Moss Miscellaneous Junk Item - 200
Plush Sash of Guzbah Armor Cloth Waist 80 200
Vereesa's Silver Chain Belt Armor Mail Waist 80 200
Waistguard of Living Iron Armor Plate Waist 80 200
Verdungo's Barbarian Cord Armor Plate Waist 80 200
U.D.E.D. Quest Quest Item - 1


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